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How to maintain fitness during the Christmas season – or at least make an attempt

“Can’t we just take a bit of time off?” you inquire. “Staying fit during Christmas is not the norm,” you mutter as a second bag of Doritos mysteriously opens itself nearby. Prioritizing sensibility can surely be postponed, right? That’s why January was conceived by the famously festive Romans over two thousand years ago [citation needed]. […]

Curious about how someone achieved those impressive curls? Here’s the story behind their fabulous ‘rizz

“Rizz,” a slang term for “charisma” and the Oxford Dictionary’s ‘Word of the Year’ for 2023, is a peculiar and elusive concept. On one hand, it’s an intangible quality that resists deep analysis (similar to how explaining a meme can make it lose its humor). On the other hand, it’s a readily recognizable trait. Rizz […]

8 ways to make cold weather running more tolerable

While many of us cherish the idea of exercising, the prospect of running in cold weather can be daunting, especially when there are tempting alternatives like mulled wine and Netflix. Enduring freezing temperatures to log miles may feel like torture for most of us. However, unlike the challenges posed by the heat of summer, where […]

Grace Chatto of Clean Bandit has a Grammy in her toilet at home

Grace Chatto, a four-time member of the Spotify billion-play plaque club and the cellist for Clean Bandit, has ample experience in displaying numerous trophies and accolades throughout her Crouch End home. Surprisingly, when GQ Zoomed with her, the first notable sight was not a Grammy or Ivor Novella but rather a large poster of Russian […]